Blender插件-700种垃圾堆废品纸箱瓶子塑料袋罐子3D模型资产预设库 Trash Kit – 3D Assetkit

现实的垃圾需要多样性。有了这个AssetKit包,您可以随意使用700 多个单一资源来获得这些资源 – 逼真的垃圾、瓦砾,应有尽有。这些资源可在任何 3D 包中使用,并尽可能优化,同时保留可管理的多边形数量和形状。您可以在 3D 场景、VFX 和游戏中自由使用它们,根据您的喜好或 kitbash 更改它们,并以您想到的各种方式分散它们。您可以从 18 种不同的类别中自由选择,从小香烟和干草到包含多个子资产的大型道具。每个类别包含 8 到 61 个道具,因此即使填满广阔的空间,您也有足够的材料。 包含贴图材质,可以使用 Blender Cycles 和 EEVEE 进行渲染。

Blender插件-700种垃圾堆废品纸箱瓶子塑料袋罐子3D模型资产预设库 Trash Kit – 3D Assetkit插图

Realistic trash needs variety. With this AssetKit package over 700 single assets are at your disposal to get just that – Photorealistic Trash, Garbage, Rubble, you name it.The assets are usable in any 3D Package and are as optimized as possible while preserving managable polygon count and shape. You are free to use them in your 3D scenes, VFX and Games, change them to your liking or kitbash and scatter them in every way that comes to your mind.You are free to pick from 18 different categories from tiny cigarettes and dry grass to large props containing multiple sub-assets. Each category contains between 8 and 61 props so you have enough material even when filling up vast spaces.

支持软件 Blender 3.2, 3.3, 3.4, 3.5


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